calling all New York based Artisans + Makers!

As we work towards making our brick-and-mortar dreams come true, we’re hitting the road to start shaking hands and building brand awareness — one sale at a time.

It’s simple! We want to represent YOU — at local makers markets in 2019. We can’t make our dream come true without you.

We’ll work hard to promote and sell your work on your behalf at select market events throughout New York State. 65% of each sale goes back to our participating makers, and 35% keeps our dream alive.

Interested? We’re so excited!



Why should I submit an application with The WonderMart?

The WonderMart doesn’t exist without the support and trust from local Makers. We see The WonderMart as a permanent installation within a community, providing local Makers with a space to always sell from while making it easier for consumers to seek out their goods. When you choose to sell with The WonderMart, you are creating new opportunity for yourself and your work. By establishing a relationship with us early on, we hope we have the pleasure of selling your work long in to the future. The Market experience is simply the building block that leads to our brick-and-mortar future. We hope you come along for the ride!

Can I apply to The WonderMart Artisan Roster at any point throughout the year?

Yes. Apply at any time! We offer open enrollment throughout the entire calendar year.

Are there any fees associated with applying to and selling with The WonderMart?

When you submit an application to The WonderMart Artisan Roster, it is a no obligation experience, free of charge. Once you are accepted in to The WonderMart Artisan Roster, you will be required to pay for the shipment of your goods to our shop if you live outside of New York City or Brooklyn. If you live within New York City or Brooklyn, we will happily pickup your goods from your studio, free of charge. The WonderMart is responsible for all fees associated with participating in a makers market event.


What kind of paperwork am I expected to submit, after I apply to sell with The WonderMart?

Once we’ve reviewed your application and if we think your work is the right fit for our shop, we’ll follow up over email and share some additional paperwork for you to review.

You’ll be expected to submit the following:

  • Consignment Agreement (to seal the deal)

  • w9 form (to make it legal)

  • Vendor enrollment form (to keep us organized on the back end)

  • Image release form (to give us permission to use images of your work in our marketing campaigns)

We are more than happy to answer any and all questions you have along the way. We aim to be as transparent as possible during the application process. If/when you’re ready to proceed with our agreement, simply return the signed paperwork to us via email along with a consignment price list with item descriptions and images.

What happens once I submit the paperwork to finalize our agreement?

Once we receive your completed paperwork you’ll be officially enrolled into The WonderMart Artisan Roster. Wahoo!!

We’ll share a Member Information Packet with you, detailing our vision + goals for The WonderMart, best practices for our Roster Members and our Fair Calendar.

Once I am accepted into The WonderMart Artisan Roster, how much product am I expected to provide you with to sell?

We understand that not every Maker has goods ready to sell at all times. We appreciate the time it takes to make your goods and will work with you to establish the proper selling cadence. The quantity of pieces you allow The WonderMart to sell is entirely based on your product availability - we will not ask for a specific amount, as we know most Makers have a fair schedule of their own to adhere to, alongside other obligations, which we absolutely honor. Let’s figure this part out together.

Why does The WonderMart sell goods on Consignment versus Wholesale?

Simply put - we are a new company and are fully self funded at this time. Selling goods on consignment is the quickest way for us to get our shop off the ground, while still making our venture worthwhile for local Makers. Right now we are able to offer a 65% cut on each sale to our Makers.

We hope to be able to support wholesale within 1 to 2 years time. If you are not able to commit to selling your goods with us on consignment, that’s totally okay! We look forward to keeping in touch and reaching out when the timing is mutually beneficial for both parties involved.

Is there a term length to the Consignment Agreement?

No. There is no formal language in the contract that states you must sell your work with The WonderMart for a specific length of time. Our agreement and relationship with your work is fluid. We very much wish to be one component of many outlets that help drive your success!

Is The WonderMart insured?

Yes. The WonderMart is protected by $1,000,000 worth of General Liability Insurance through Hiscox Business Insurance. In the event that your items are lost and/or stolen, we will submit a claim on your behalf and seek reimbursement for the full amount of the goods in question. If one of your pieces breaks while in our possession, we will treat it as if it has been sold and you will receive 65% of the sale cost of the item.